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Hi, this is your personal reporter Angelique van Campen with a second Stairport SAM Suite payware add-on review. A while ago Angelique reviewed SAM3 World Jetways and although this was reviewed with an older version of SAM Suite, the basic principle of the payware add-on stays the same. And now – March 2022 – she completed our second SAM Suite review, the AirportVehicles add-on. Most likely we will soon review their third SAM product, the Follow Me.

According to Angelique “I’m aware that this add-on only replaces airport vehicles at default X-Plane airports and not at freeware or payware airports although I have to correct myself since freeware airport developers can implement default X-Plane vehicles from the Laminar Research library. SAM Suite is free of charge as well as the global trees and seasons options and of course the base plugin is free too. At the Aerosoft store page it shows me a price of 18.25 Euro including VAT.”

“It’s not cheap, but on the other hand, I know that there are still lots of simmers who fly and use default X-Plane airports. That said, when they have this plugin, better quality vehicles are implemented and vary with the region you’re flying.”

Curious what she has to say about it? Then it’s time to check out her in depth Stairport SAM3 AirportVehicles review.