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vFlyteAir Ryan Navion 205 Version 1.1.2

Update: February 6th 2019 to Version 1.1.2

This update contains the following bug fix: The cowl Flap lever was operating backwards. Fixed this issue. Changed for this the ./Navion205_cockpit.obj and ./objects/Navion_gau01_vintage.obj files.

On behalf of Walker Guthrie from vFlyteAir and with his approval, we’re pleased to inform you that X-Plained is hosting from today his freeware Ryan Navion 205 vintage.

According to Walker: “This is a 1950 Ryan Navion 205 freeware model for X-Plane 11.2 or newer.”

Walker continues “I’ve always wanted to create a vintage-style version of the Navion, so here she is! We took our original Navion offering off the market some months ago, and we decided to convert it to this 1950 version. Check out the time-worn interiors and period-correct gauges. The instrument panel is layed out almost exactly as shown in the 1950 Navion 205 POH (which is included as a PDF with the download). If you’re a fan of retro and vintage airplanes, you’ll love the 1950 Navion 205 Vintage. Be sure to read the User Guide and the POH – there are some interesting aspects to the Navion that are not found in modern GA airplanes, such as the hydraulic power lever that enables the engine-driven hydraulic pump to power the flaps, gear and brakes. Also, the propeller is a manually-operated variable-pitch (not constant speed!). You can follow the Normal Procedures in the POH to fly this model. This is a 68-year old airplane and it shows, but she flies great!“

“The Navion 205 Vintage is optimized for VR, and features PBR textures, FMOD sounds, custom HDR lights. Tested with X-Plane 11.10, 11.25 and 11.30Beta3. It also integrates Folko’s amazing AviTab plugin as a windscreen-mounted eTablet. The model is fully animated with 3D cockpit and hi-res textures.”

Enjoy the Navion, and please check out their other payware vFlyteAir Simulations models at the X-Plane.Org!

If you like the vFlyteAir Navion, feel free to donate whatever you desire via the vFlyteAir PayPal at this link.

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VFlyteAir Navion 205 (110.7 MiB, 143 downloads)