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For all of you who own the vFlyteAir Twin Comanche X-Plane 11 aircraft. Received the following news from Walker Guthrie, lead developer from vFlyteAir.

According to Walker “We have a newer version of the Twin Comanche now that addresses a lot of bugs, and also makes new improvements. We have partnered with Alan Shafto of AeroSimGaming for improvements to the airfoils and some corrections to the flight model’s performance and accuracy.”

The list of bug fixes, improvements and new additions is quite impressive. Check out the version 1.2 items:

  • Engine sounds improved with more realistic Piper sounds
  • New airfoils and flight model improvements provided by Alan Shafto of AeroSim Gaming
  • New digital DME receiver added to top of radio stac
  • Now uses X-Plane’s built-in support for 3D propeller disc effects
  • Alternator and Radio Altimeter switches now OFF at startup “cold and dark”. They are ON if the aircraft is loaded in flight or engine running.
  • Hide Yokes command now uses default X-Plane dataref so that the X-Plane Hide Yokes menu option works correctly
  • Prop wash sound now only audible from exterior views, and only when viewpoint is behind the aircraft
  • Added cowl flaps drag – be sure to close the cowl flaps to achieve maximum cruise speeds
  • Added new avionics cooling fan sound
  • FIXED: Engines would not start correctly if user turned off “Custom Engine Start” option
  • FIXED: Increased engine starter RPM ratio in PlaneMaker to allow in-flight engine restart with feathered props
  • FIXED: On-screen menus were out of proportion on multi-monitor setups
  • FIXED: Oil Pressure readings were too high
  • FIXED: Fuel Flow indicator was too low – changed calculations for weight of fuel using correct specific gravity values for AVGAS. Now agrees with X-Plane data output for fuel flow gals/hr
  • FIXED: Props were feathering too quickly – changed prop pitch rate to 22 degrees per second
  • FIXED: Airplane taxis too fast
  • FIXED: Props frozen during replay – now using X-Plane 3D prop disc instead of plugin-controlled – props are now animated during replay
  • FIXED: Our Weight & Balance Total Weight now matches the X-Plane total weight shown in the X-Plane Weight and Balance menu
  • FIXED: Left side main tank fuel pump was turning OFF when switching from right side main tank to right side auxiliary tank
  • FIXED: Cargo Weight slider on Weight & Balance menu was dis-proportionate to the width of the slider area
  • FIXED: Removed prop wash sounds from interior views – prop wash sounds now only heard from behind the aircraft in exterior views
  • FIXED: Autopilot elevator trim effort indicator now correctly shows the difference between trim wheel selected pitch and current aircraft pitch (many thanks to Kuikueg from forum provided this fix)
  • FIXED: NAV tail lamp was shining omni-directional. Changed to shining only aft-ward.
  • FIXED: Landing gear tires too low on pavement
  • FIXED: Engine gauges for CHT were off scale
  • FIXED: CHT/EGT gauges were slightly off scale

More information can be found at the dedicated vFlyteAir web page or at X-Plane.Org.