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vFlyteAir is pleased to announce the following news regarding their Cherokee 140 models.

According to Walker Guthrie; We’ve just released new textures for our Cherokee 140 series that add surface reflections and advanced PBR effects to the fleet! If you are flying X-Plane 11 Beta, these new textures will let you experience X-Plane’s new PBR (Physical Based Rendering) visual effects including surface reflections, enhanced specularity effects and glass-blending effects.

The new XP11 textures are available as a free download. Please be sure to read the README.TXT file included in each package before installing! Want to see what you can expect? Check out these X-Plane 11 vFlyteAir screenshots.
Cherokee 140 “G” (Glass Panel) Patch Kit
Cherokee 140 “C” (Classic Panel) Patch Kit
Cherokee 140 “O” (Original Version) Patch Kit