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During the writing of Angelique’s Netavio Citation CJ4 review I decided to fly another “shortstretch from LFBZ to LFSL, both in France. I did it because I wanted to test a couple of things during this flight, but I had so much fun that I decided to record the overall flight and added text blocks to visualize the flight sections to potential Netavio CJ4 buyers.

That said, X-Plained.Com offers an in-depth review of the brand new Netavio Citation CJ4 – review published on June 15th 2021 – while this 30 minute movie shows you hopefully how I made this flight. There’s always something and also with this flight. It’s not perfect, but it will give you a good impression of the flight model, the aerodynamics and the in-house modeled ProLine 21 Integrated Avionics System.

Enjoy the movie and feel free to comment. I’ll always reply!