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Welcome to Pilot Plus / Orbx EGTB Wycombe Air Park.

Your personal reporter and virtual GA pilot Angelique van Campen takes you on a tour in and around EGTB Wycombe Air Park. Actually, the tour is made with a virtual drone that shows you all the ins and outs of Pilot Plus their latest airfield. Is it worth the 8 minutes to look at? Oh yes, it is, believe me! The video was made with a lot of passion and besides that, it was only possible due to the Stick and Rudder Studios application X-Camera. Although not perfect, I really enjoyed creating these 27 camera views that offer you great impressions on the modelled airfield as well as what’s around.  

Enjoy and comments and likes are always appreciated. By the way, the video was made and complied on an iMac Pro using Apple Final Cut Pro X version 10.4.8, recorded with Screenflick from Rogue Amoeba and a mix of different sounds.