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On our third and last IFR Orbx TrueEarth US Florida HD flight I take you to the Keys and Key West, the most Western remote located part of the Keys. It’s roughly 214 NM from KTNT in the way I’ve created the flight plan although I must admit that the flight plan with all the included waypoints, which offers a fly-around Key West, so flying more direct will be for sure shorter.

Here’s some detailed information; I depart from Dade-Collier Airport and fly to NAS (Naval Air Station) Key West Boca Chica Field. As you know, for Dade-Collier there’s no add-on package available, but for KNQX there is. It’s the package from NAPS (North Atlantic and Pacific Sceneries) led by Freddy De Pues. When you have an account with X-Plained.Com, you’re free to download this ready-to-go Orbx compatible airport. Compatible because it works flawless with Orbx TrueEarth US Florida SD/HD scenery.

What I noticed during this last trip is the split in different ground textures. More exactly; the difference how the Everglades look like and the Keys with the shallow waters. While the Everglades seems to me completely dried out, but having beautiful colours, the Keys and water textures and not to forget the blending, is awesome. Orbx member Tony Wroblewski did a great job together with his team, no doubt about that.

The IFR flight plan was made with SkyVector and converted to a “fms” FP format with XPlaneTools. As mention before, you can also create a flight plan with the freeware program Little NavMap and convert it directly to the X-Plane 11 “fms” FP format.

This video belongs to the a review, written and provided by X-Plained.Com, your personal reporter Angelique van Campen. On behalf of the whole X-Plained.Com team …. enjoy this first flight.
P.s ; this video shows you how semi-transparant road textures look like in the Orbx scenery when enabled.