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viking-wings-logoViking Wings, have you ever heard from it and if so, what can if do for you?

Viking Wings provides aviation videos and professional photos to the aviation industry, publishers, newsmedia and aviation enthusiasts worldwide. Our experience goes back to the early 1980′s when we started out with photography of commercial airlines. The passion we have for aviation shows in all our work, and the knowledge and experience gathered over the years we’ve been in business, is what makes our photos and videos stand out. We love what we do.

Ok, but what is then so exciting and what’s the news?

Viking wings is pleased to offer you their new Iran Air 747SP movie. Experience Iran Air and their fantastic service! During and before the flights the pilots and crew will keep you updated on the routes and give a lot of info. Enjoy takeoff’s and landings in the best seat of the cockpit, offering fantastic views with the right view at the right time. Enjoy amazing 747SP cockpit video with Iran Air, this is what Flightdeck Action is all about!

Curious? Want to know more about Viking Wings? Then check out their dedicated Iran Air 747SP web page.