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We’re pleased to inform you, on behalf of Guillaume Langlais, designer from A.M.I.S. Informatique, the release of his ultimate virtual co-pilot VoiceCommander.

VoiceCommander is the concept by Guillaume Langlais and allows you to create your own vocals commands in X-Plane and other simulators. Looking for the real co-pilot effect … then look for the Pro version which are really Co-Pilot simulators.

VoiceCommander ! A new way for the best virtual Co-Pilot.
Pro versions are some really virtual copilot. Want to see it with your own eyes what it is and how it works? Then you must check out the following Youtube movies; YouTube I, YouTube II, YouTube III and YouTube VI.

More information about A.M.I.S. Informatique and their products including VoiceCommander can be found at their website.

Some words about XPlane.A.M.I.S.
Designed and created by Guillaume Langlais. X-Plane A.M.I.S. develops great freeware and payware add-ons for X-Plane.