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On behalf of VSkyLabs developer Huss we would like to share with you the following news. VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain Flying Lab Project v4.0r3 update was just released!

The update includes INTERACTION MODIFICATION to allow default gears UP/DOWN assignment in X-Plane. Don’t forget to release the safety latch handle (UP) before retracting the landing gears. When stowed down it locks the gears handle. Alternate air static system control has been changed as well, reverted to X-Plane default assignment. Oh….and please READ THE MANUAL! you’ll find it in the Manual-POH folder inside the project folder, and in your store account!

When updating via the included STMA autoupdater, X-Plane may freeze during the updating process. It is normal, and once the update is completed, X-Plane will get back to action. Oh yeah, then we from X-Plained.Com have written also an in-depth review of the version 3.0 model. We know that version 4.0 has many improvements, but the review still gives you a good idea what to expect and to run to either the VSkyLabs store or to X-Plane.Org.

Thank you for flying VSKYLABS!