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On behalf of VSKYLABS we would like to share with you the following news ……

Hello VSKYLABS Pilots,
Last week, along with the launch of the new VSKYLABS ‘Test-Pilot’: F-19 Stealth Fighter Project for X-Plane 12, a new and exciting video was released!

Check watch the VSKYLABS F-19 launch video on YouTube.

Reminder – The VSKYLABS ‘Test-Pilot’: F-19 Stealth Fighter Project is an Educational/Research based development effort that “brings to life” and realizes the hypothetical 80’s Testor’s F-19 concept in the most advanced flight simulation environment up to date: X-Plane 12 by Laminar Research.

The VSKYLABS F-19 is not an arcade aircraft; It is a highly engineered jet-fighter/concept aircraft demonstrator which was developed for X-Plane 12 following extensive and actual real-world knowledge and experience in Jet Fighters design, engineering, system architectures, operation, flying and handling. More details are available in the project’s page at the VSKYLABS website.