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Hi all ….. good news ….. X-Plane 11 Public Beta 3

I haven’t seen the news yet, but while typing this message, I started up X-Plane 11 and yes, we’ve got again an update. An update that brings X-Plane 11 to Public Beta 3 (build 110009 64-bit). I need to highlight that this was done on a Mac, but for sure it will be also available on Windows. Further on, I noticed that it’s a ratter small update of approximately 35MB, but definitely worth to install it.

A good friend of mine, Marc Leydecker, who’s using X-Plane 11 on a Windows machine, has lots of “memory leak” problems. When you use X-Plane 11 on Windows, either Public Beta 2 or Public Beta 3, a comment to this post in respect to this issue would be welcome. It can help others solving this since I didn’t notice it on macOS Sierra … yet!