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Hi all ….. good news ….. X-Plane 11 Public Beta 5

Oops, it seems I’ve missed for some reason Public Beta 4, right? But there’s a good reason for. Ben Supnik posted at his blog the following ….

If you guessed “X-Plane 11.00 public beta four”, you are right. I screwed up the shaders, and they work on AMD cards and OS X but not NVidia cards. So: public beta three is the official public beta again, and we’ll have a new public beta five out tonight that will fix this. If you got the broken beta four (in the hour it was out before we caught this) you can re-run the updater by hand and force yourself back to beta 3, or just wait for beta 5 and then let auto-update do its thing.  Unfortunately there’s no work-around in-app.

Read his complete blog via this link.
Anyway, when you start X-Plane 11, you’ll notice that update pb5 is alive. An update that brings X-Plane 11 to Public Beta 5 (build 110011 64-bit).