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Waves Library 1.1

We’re at are pleased to host ChrisLec his “Wave library” version 1.1. It’s another chance to offer something to the airport developers, just in case they decide to add this library in their airport(s).

This is the animated waves library presented earlier in the forum. Scenery developers can add objects from this library to give more realism and animation to shores, beaches, and ocean water to scenery packages. According to Chris “Currently there are just a few object types as described in the video, but I will try to keep this project alive by adding more wave types over time. I could have waited to add/correct more objects before posting but it will take me too much time and I think many people would like to try the library version 1.0 since it already gives nice results.

This updated wave library comes with the following new additions and some corrections:
– 200meters/2_waves_low_speed (Set of 2 waves at 2.5m/s)
– 200meters/3_waves_low_speed (Set of 3 waves at 2.5m/s) See video for details
– Document to describe each wave and positioning
– Shore_foam objects closer to the ground for a more natural blend to the beach


How to install?
Just drag and drop the library in your Custom Scenery folder.

Are there any known issues?
According to Chris “Some quirks appear sometimes when you place a 200m waves object too close to the shore, probably due to z-buffer trash issues, but there’s nothing we can do about it since it seems to be due to the technology in X-plane. The best thing to do is to try and see if you get problems with a wave, then move the wave slightly away from the shore in OE through trial and error until you get something acceptable as shown in the video.”

You can feel free to use objects from this library for any of your scenery projects you share online, provided you give me credits by mentioning my name. Payware scenery developers are also welcome to use it but please ask permission before.

Many thanks to Uwespeed for his support in testing some of the object animations on his project, and many thanks to all of those who gave me warm support during the development.

On behalf of Chris; enjoy his Wave Library!

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Waves Library (1.2 MiB, 456 downloads)