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Used FF/QPAC A350 Cockpit version 1.1

Update: Cockpit textures updated to version 1.1

This updated package comprises the following new features:
– Added Speed Limits info in the cockpit
– Autopilot selected knobs light

On behalf of X-Plane.Org user and our good friend Fabio (fscabral), we’re pleased to offer you his latest creation .. weathered cockpit textures of the FlightFactor A350.

FSCabral – Fabio – decided to go for two different weathered looks. One in a grey cockpit overview and one in blue. By the yea, this blue isn’t the same as the stock blue cockpit textures and slightly watering is included. The installation is very simple. Just follow the text file with instructions. Curious how this lokos like?

Then you must check the following screenshots and Fabio hopes you like them. Keep in mind, as always, you need to be a registered X-Plained.Com user else you’re not entitled to download this package.

And it’s not only that the package offers different cockpit colours, also the seats are reworked. Reworked in a way you see them on many photos while searching the Internet. It has stars! Anyway, a lot to explore and when you feel that a bit more weathering should be implemented or something else, feel free to comment or with a suggestion.

As the cockpit textures are in the A350 main folder, you must choose one. Keep that in mind that It won’t work if you try to place the main.png file inside the liveries folder. So let’s get started:

  • Go to your to your HDD or SSD where your X-Plane is installed …for example X:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\AirbusA350
  • !!!!! PLEASE BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILES ( and main.png) !!!!!!
  • In my rar you will find 2 folders, one named “Blue” and the other named “Grey”. Inside each you will find the “main.png” file corresponding to the color you choose. Copy it and paste inside X:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\AirbusA350.
  • And you’re done!

On behalf of Fabio .. enjoy his A350 cockpit textures.

This package is offered to you by X-Plained.Com. It is free for personal and/or private use. It is not allowed to copy, publish or redistribute any part of any file or package from this website without prior permission from X-Plained.Com or from the developer. Commercial use of the package or parts of it, is prohibited in any way.
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FlightFactor A350 Weathered Cockpit textures (25.2 MiB, 67 downloads)