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Hi all,

What’s coming up? That could mean everything right, but this time it has to do with upcoming reviews. Although it’s holiday time, knowing that many of you are out or relaxing, I’ve started to think about writing reviews for the Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8 and the Carenado B200 King Air for X-Plane 11.

I never worked myself on the Douglas DC-8 during my mechanic years before I became a ground engineer, but I’ve seen the DC-8-63 many times at Schiphol Amsterdam International Airport. I was and still am still impressed that this -63 model had a length close to the Douglas DC-10-30 Series. And yes, I’m aware it’s an old-fashioned aircraft and while I worked on the Douglas DC-9-30 Series, it was a direct competitor of the Boeing 707 Series. That said, perhaps when time permits, I’ll do another review of Michael Wilson his 707 too.

Anyway, what coming up more?
Andy Clark is writing a comprehensive review of the vFlyteAir Piper Comanche for X-Plane 11 and we’re looking forward to this review. Rick Verhoog is trying to finish his Aerobask Pipistrel review while Nabil Alanbar Is busy in-between other things, with the Carenado Phenom 100 review. Keep in mind, writing reviews is great and much appreciated by the community, but reviewers do have a private life too and this means it can take some longer before a review is finished.