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x-plained-logo-propellorBesides the fact that I need to perform a clean macOS Sierra install on my iMac SSD, we’re at X-Plained are also planning some reviews, but that seems not always easy.

Right now Jude Bradley is busy with an airport review namely Klagenfurt LOWK. I’m busy with three reviews of which none is finished yet. First, I was busy with a review of the VFW 614 from Peters Aircraft, but to finish this review I need to wait for the next update. Then I started with the SSG Embraer E-Jet 170LR Evo, but since there’s no manual included besides the QSG *Quick Start Guide) which has also discrepancies, I wait for their version 1.03 update unless I get a correct description of the FMS MCDU.

And finally, I promised the community to write part II of the PMDG Douglas DC-6, but I think I will first do a clean macOS Sierra installation. Oops, almost forgotten …. Rick Verhoog is busy with a review of the Alabeo DA42, so looking forward to publish that one too.