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Perhaps I had too much wine or whatever, but it seems I’ve made a mistake with the correct OpenSceneryX version.

In other words, let me clear this to you all. You’ve got a OpenSceneryX version and you’ve got the OpenSceneryX installer. The installer you download from OpenSceneryX is as of this writing January 2019 version 2.4.0. Remember, it’s the installer!

It’s not the current OpenSceneryX program which is, last updated January 6th 2019, version 3.2.0. Oh, that was even my mistake!

Anyway, you download the Windows. Mac or Linux version installer and once installed, your OpenSceneryX package in X-Plane will be version 3.2.0. As you might known, once an a while you can run the installer – or perhaps update the installer file – and the installer verifies what you have and what the actual files are. In case of a difference, your OpenSceneryX program in X-Plane will be updated.

I hope this clears some thoughts!