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Normally I won’t call for help or at least to know if I’m the only one having these problem with my Saitek X52 Pro in combination with X-Plane 11 pb11. Anyway, this this time it’s perhaps a good idea to ask others for their experience.

Since I updated to X-Plane 11pb11, my Saitek X52 Pro behaves weird. It is of course calibrated, and that seems OK, but when I’ve loaded the sim, the aileron channels act weird. Ailerons move up and down without touching the joystick. When making a takeoff, the aircraft, in this case the default C172, makes a sharp turn to the left and no control with my Saitek is possible.

Therefore, do others have these problems too? I’m on Mac, running Sierra 10.12.3 and having on my iMac Late 2013 the nVidia driver loaded. Suggestions are most welcome!