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Ingrid-VroomPerhaps you’re asking yourself “why is there at X-Plained lately not so much news or other articles published like reviews etc. A good excuse for this was time of the year … vacation, but there’s another reason. Normally I try to keep private matters away from X-Plained, but I think it’s this time good to bring the following forward.

A couple of days back something happened where I was afraid for. During bicycling my living partner Ingrid felt hard with her right shoulder on the ground. Normally not something to worry about, but this time it was serious. Besides the pain she had and still has, it turned out in the hospital that she has a multiple shoulder fracture which needs surgery. While waiting for this day, I try to take care for here which cost a lot of time and because of that, not much time is left to keep X-Plained up-to-date “for the moment”. But no worries, it will be kept up-to-date soon and perhaps even with some reviews to be published.