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Back to the good old days … back to a great name in history … Douglas Aircraft Company.

On behalf of Wilson Classics, we’re pleased to offer you an in-depth review of the Wilson Classic Douglas DC-8 Series for X-Plane 11. Although your personal reporter Angelique van Campen goes on holiday for a couple of weeks, she wanted to finish part I of this great aircraft. Part I means that the whole aircraft package will be discussed except for the xCIVA INS Add-on integration. That will be discussed in part II including a test flight while using the INS.

What else can she say “I personally like old-fashioned aircraft, so I like the FJS 737 Classic, FJS 727, the Rotate MD80 and these Michael Wilson DC-8 models. And from a distance the DC-8 looks very realistic!”

Time for the review. Check out this comprehensive DC-8 Series Wilson Classics review link.