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This screenshot impression has everything to do with a bit of history. Not just history, perhaps one of the change makers in aviation. It has everything to do with the Douglas Aircraft Company DC-8.

That said, we’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the Michael Wilson Douglas DC-8-61 Series of his recent released X-pLane 11 package. The released package offers a bit more then only the DC-8-61 Series. I comes with the:
– DC-8-61 Series
– DC-8-63 Series
– DC-8-71 Series Passenger
– DC-8-71F Series Freighter

But for now, enjoy these screenshots and as promised to myself … a review is in the making. But why did I chose the DC-8 and not his B707? I was working in the aviation as a mechanic and while I was working on the old-fashioned DC-9-30, I’ve seen at Schiphol Airport many Douglas DC-8 aircraft, in particular from the KLM and some other companies. I was impressed by, for example, the length of the DC-8-63 – also included in the package – which was almost of the same size if the Douglas DC-10. During that time, I’ve seen more DC-8 aircraft then Boeing 707.