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WIP SSG 747-8 Cockpit “Look and Feel”

We’re pleased to offer you some exclusive screenshots of the Work In Progress (WIP) Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) Boeing 747-8 version 1.5. Although it looks now already gorgeous, there’s a lot of rework done in this cockpit, but there’s so much more to tell, but that’s for later. Right now, we woulds like to say … enjoy these exclusive screenshots.

Many thanks Ricardo, AJ, Stefan, Javier and Kostas and don’t forget … still under development and copyright belongs to SSG!


  1. Therron Harris

    Where is the download for the 1.5 update

    • Angelique van Campen

      Here’s no download! Period and we never said that.
      You can find the download at Org under your X-Plane.Org account or via your Aerosoft account, assuming you’ve have bought this product in the past.

  2. ShaneMontoya

    +1 for the fmc/cdu lag. Fully understand what the author originally stated “to simulate the fmc lag in real life”, BUT please, the fmc lag won’t make the whole simulation lag. In current version of SSG or whatever add-ons with UFMC core, when the fmc is busy calculating, users are unable to operate any buttons in the plane.

  3. ilan Kreitmann Dr

    Can’t see nothing ….

  4. Sherief Mohsen

    Please add 3D interior and fix the black engine fans while running and the Windows make them clears as the flight factor 777 and the JD a320
    This will make the “queen go the skies the best
    Also fix the fmc lag when entering dep and arr airports
    Thank u

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