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We’re pleased to offer you an inside view of what Marc Leydecker aka Belga12345 is creating right now. It’s a special project, it’s a top-secret project. Ok, not 100 percent top-secret else I wouldn’t inform you about it. This is NWS (Naval Weapons Station) Yorktown, Virginia USA. This is where navy ships load and unload weapons.

Marc is known of his hi quality Virginia airports. All his recent airports have own created SketchUp objects, ranging from authentic buildings, hangars, trucks, buses, containers, pallets, flowers, trees, and so much more.

Want to read and above all, see more of his WIP (Work In Progress) NWS Yorktown project? Then you must click this NWS Yorktown link. But I can’t say it too many times … it’s still work in progress and there’s a lot more to do, so be patient. For now … enjoy!