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Wonders of The World part 2 | Giza 1.0.0

We’re pleased to inform you that with the approval of X-Plane.Org user/simmer Gergely “Ekre” Debreceni, we’re able to offer you his Wonders of the World packages. This Part 2 package is representing Giza.

For those who aren’t familiar with Giza …. Giza sometimes spelled Gizah or Jizah, is the third-largest city in Egypt and the capital of the Giza Governorate. It is located on the west bank of the Nile, 4.9 km (3 mi) southwest of central Cairo. Along with Cairo Governorate, Shubra El Kheima, Helwan, 6th October City and Obour, the five form Greater Cairo metropolis.

Giza lies less than 20 km (12.43 mi) north of “Mn Nefer” (Memphis in Roman), which means “the beautiful wall” in the ancient Egyptian language, and which was the capital city of the first unified Egyptian state since the days of Pharaoh Narmer.

Giza is most famous as the location of the Giza Plateau: the site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world, including a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a number of other large pyramids and temples. Giza has always been a focal point in Egypt’s history due to its location close to Memphis, the ancient Pharaonic capital of the Old Kingdom. Its St. George cathedral is the episcopal see of the Coptic Catholic Eparchy of Giza. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

According to Ekre “Most of the custom models are from, or a modified model from Sketchup Warehouse library, thanks for the authors! The closest Heliport / Airfields are:
– HEGH – Giza Heliport (included in this scenery)
– HECA – Cairo Intl
– HECW – Cairo West

For this package you need the following libraries:
Updated HungaryVFR-Library
Updated CDB-Library
Updated The Handy Objects
Updated OpensceneryX
Updated MisterX Library
Updated 3D People Library

Ekre continues “Egypt is full with sights, so the scenery contains even more sightseeing landmarks (as I mentioned earlier, this series will be even more than a Wonders of the World series. These landmarks doesn’t have FieldNoise audio guide:
Karnak Temple
Luxor Temple
Temple of Kom Ombo
Great Temple of Ramses II and Temple of Hathor
Medinet Habu Temple
Kalabsha Temple
Saladin Citadel

If you like Ekre his work, please donate his work via this PayPal link, or you can buy a coffee for him, thanks!

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Wonders of The World Part 2 - Giza (181.4 MiB, 70 downloads)