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On behalf of Stick and Rudder Studios we’re pleased to inform you about a new release of X-Chatter.

According to bStick and Rudder Studios; If you had previously purchased X-ATC-Chatter you may have already received an email from Gumroad informing you that the collection has been updated. That email would have provided you a link to view and download the new version. You can also use the “View Product” link in your original Gumroad X-ATC-Chatter receipt email to access the new version of the collection and player.

If you do not currently own X-ATC-Chatter you can download a demo collection here.

Stick and Rudder Studios has significantly enhanced the X-ATC-Chatter stand-alone player in version 1.5.3. Here are some of the changes:


  • Fixed a crash on X-Plane start caused by X-ATC-Chatter not properly handling all apt.dat formats.
  • Added support for X-Life integration
  • Changed facility database to read X-Plane custom scenery on start
  • Recoded the player to play chatter files in the main X-Plane thread. The prior multi-threaded approach was causing erroneous errors being reported in the log file
  • Added the ability for external plugins to integrate with X-ATC-Chatter
  • Chatter will pause when the simulator is paused
  • Added the ability to select Com1 or Com2 for automatic controller selection
  • Added a center override when tuned to 123.27
  • Fixed some extraneous errors messages in the log file

We have also added some additional clips in the U.S.

  • United States: 1,662
  • Europe: 1,320
  • Canada: 287
  • South America: 0
  • Asia: 0
  • Africa: 0
  • Oceania: 130