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Mark from Stick and Rudder Studio LLC, would like to inform you that X-Camera 2.2 beta build 4 is available.

Mark suggests that you make a backup copy of your X-Camera directory should you need to revert back to X-Camera 2.1.1 or beta 3. Simply unzip the file over the top of your current X-Camera directory allowing your zip utility to over write the old files. Your license.txt and X-Camera settings will be preserved.

The user guide included in the zip file has a release notes section that outlines the changes in 2.2 Beta 4. Those sections of the manual that discuss the new features have been updated but the tutorial videos have not been updated. Since 2.2 is a minor upgrade for X-Camera 2.0 and 2.1.1 your existing license.txt file should work fine.

It contains the following additions:

  • Fixed a problem that prevented X-Plane views from being activated
  • Add transitions for X, Y, and Z CG offsets
  • Significant changes to make external cameras work with X-Plane 11 Multi-Monitors
  • Added a SMOOTH_WINDOW parameter to the X-Camera.ini file so that the default 60 frame smooth window for the smooth camera joins option can be adjusted
  • Removed the HotKey for toggle walk mode
  • Added X CG Offset
  • Fixed problems with applying Y and Z offsets

You can get the zip file from their website via this link. If you run into any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me at