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We’re pleased to announce that we will host with the approval of X-Codr his freeware airports, starting with for the moment Montgomery Regional Airport (KMGM), a payware quality airport for FREE.

Montgomery Regional Airport is a regional airport in Montgomery Alabama that also has a significant Alabama Air National Guard facility. The airport has 2 runways, 10/28 which is 9,020 feet long, and 3/21 which is 4,011 feet long. The terminal has 4 gates and serves nearly 300,000 people every year. The primary airlines that service Montgomery Regional Airport are Sky West, Endeavor, Envoy, PSA, and Piedmont. In 2017, Montgomery Regional Airport had nearly 72,000 aircraft operations, on average, nearly 200 per day.

Montgomery Regional Airport for X-Plane
While my KDEN scenery was still under development @guyfly of AeroDesigns came to me with a partially completed KMGM with the idea we could work together on. His work was exceptionally good, so we have been working on this together in between our own separate projects since. While this is freeware, we both decided we want to emphasis that by all standards except the price this is payware. Our goal with this project is to set the standard for payware quality freeware. After over 5 months of work, we feel that we have accomplished this goal with what is in our opinions, the best freeware scenery ever (in terms of quality, not size).

KMGM – Montgomery Regional Airport has an extensive feature list including:

  • Ultra-detailed rendition of KMGM – Montgomery Regional Airport
  • Ultra-detailed ground textures
  • 1 foot resolution ortho imagery made crisper with decal technology
  • Ultra HD pavement textures with normal maps for reflections and pebble level detail
  • Realistic large-scale grunge textures to break up repetition
  • Ultra-detailed buildings
  • Extreme building resolutions ranging from 2 PPI to 4 PPI
  • Advanced PBR normal maps for superb material properties and enhanced detail
  • Advanced procedurally generated wear and tear
  • Detailed ground clutter
  • Detailed terminal interior with animated 3d people
  • Ultra-realistic high performance 3d vegetation
  • Dynamic living airport
  • X-Plane 11 native service trucks will realistically service your aircraft upon request o Animated 3d people (Ground Traffic Jonathan Harris (marginal))
  • Plenty of scenery animations such as animated air conditioners
  • Listen to ambient scenery sounds based on location such as traffic, terminal interiors, and even ACs (Windows 10 only)
  • Advanced World Traffic 3 routes by Brian “Cpt. K-man” Navy (Bird Stryke Designs)
  • Full SAM support with custom animated jetways
  • Responds to the environment
  • KMGM features Summer, Autumn, Winter versions
  • KMGM features weather effects such as rain and snow
  • All changes take place automatically on scenery reload, no file changes required
  • KMGM is highly optimized using advanced techniques; VR is even achievable on high settings on middle end hardware
  • Custom mesh for the airport is included with Vertical Simulations VStates Alabama
  • X-Codr Designs Sound XP Plugin adds immersive ambient scenery sounds, a first in XPlane (Windows 10 only)

More information about the airport, requirements, installation details, support, credits and ortho-imagery as well as download info can be found at our dedicated download page, but remember, only for registered users!