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Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen continues with her X-Craft E-195 v2 exploration and is pleased to inform you that she has finished part II of the Embraer E-195 v2 review.

What said before, due to the length of the overall review, Angelique decided to split the review into part I and part II. Part II of the review deals with several flight impressions, a virtual cabin check, a thorough 3D cockpit check and a lot of Tekton FMS MCDU information including a step-by-step procedure to enter a complete prepared flight plan as well as some example programs how to make your own flight plan.

What else has Angelique to say about this part II or about the overall model? She thinks that “Overall, a well modelled 3D model of the Embraer E-195 with eyes for tiny details, a nicely modelled Virtual Cabin and 3D cockpit.”

Curious what she has to say in part II? Then you must read her comprehensive review.