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X-FMC-LogoA couple of days too late, but better a little too late then never. X-FMC has been updated to version 2.7. According to Max Waldorf “This release is there to cover the upcoming FJS 727 v2 and completely new x737 behavior (you can now use the LNAV and VNAV form the plane directly)”

This new release offers some additional features and bug fixes:
– Bug #202: Flight plan not appearing until departure SID selected
– Bug #234: X-FMC Datarefs not shown in DatarefEditor
– Feature #209: LNAV improvement
– Feature #231: New navigation mode
– Feature #232: Command Key and menu item for X-FMC pop-up
– Feature #233: x737 new behaviour

More information can be found at the dedicated X-FMC web page.