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Attention, attention … important … Maintenance

I know, perhaps not your most favourite article to read, but it is necessary that you’re aware of it; X-Plained.Com Maintenance.

To keep X-Plained.Com stable, secure, and fast, your personal reporter but also your webmaster – Angelique van Campen – needs to do a lot behind the scenes. More or less on a daily base sections – plugins and themes – of the website are updated. Keeping these plugins and themes up-to-date is not because it looks nice, no, mostly they are needed to keep the website up and running. Either the developer of such a plugin has introduced new features, but in most cases it solves fixes and it keeps it compatible with the basis source of X-Plained.Com, namely WordPress.

Yes, WordPress is a great platform to work with. It’s easy to use, easy to change things or easy to add new features, but it needs to be kept up-to-date. That said, X-Plained.Com has a sister website or if you wish a clone or copy. Within this separate environment Angelique is able to test new plugins, update the X-Plained.Com theme and whenever available, update the WordPress software.

Normally this goes without any problems and once implemented in the clone X-Plained.Com, it can be implemented in the site too, but sometimes it isn’t as easy as expected with a different outcome. Lucky our hosting company makes every 2 hours a full backup so in case everything after updating goes wrong, we are always able to restore a previous backup. That said, it is always possible that X-Plained.Com is down for a couple of minutes while in the background the site is fully restored. Try to remember this when you can’t find X-Plained!

Thank You for Your Attention. With greetings, the X-Plained team