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X-Plane-logoX-Plane 10.50 beta 1 is live, posted by Ben Supnik, lead developer with Laminar Research!

You can download it by running the X-Plane installer and clicking “get betas”, but you will not be auto-updated for it. As is normal with our betas, there is not a Steam beta of it, nor will there be until we are at release candidates, but Steam users can install a second copy of the free demo and update that to beta.

Before continuing, I would like you to assume the lotus position and repeat the following mantra over and over until inner peace floods your body:

The comments section of the developer blog is not a bug reporter.

The comments section of the developer blog is not a bug reporter.

The comments section of the developer blog is not a bug reporter.

The comments section of the developer blog is not a bug reporter.

Ah…don’t you feel more calm already? I certainly do! Seriously though, the bug reporter is here; please use it! I cannot emphasize how much easier it is for us to triage bugs when they all show up in the same place. Random threads in forums about bugs get lost and don’t get fixed.

Release notes are here, but they are not necessarily complete yet. X-Plane 10.50 contained a huge amount of code change, so the notes probably need a few editing passes; something that Austin wouldn’t let meI didn’t want to hold up the beta for.

With any early beta of a major patch, I suggest that early adopters install it on a copyof their X-PLane folder and not the one they use to fly. This goes double for 10.50 because Jennifer, our Q/A head, is out of the office on a road trip. She was able to do a little bit of checking and we’ve tried to spot check it, but this release is more like the beta process from two years ago and not like 10.40 or 10.45. I suspect we’ll have the early stuff knocked out in a week.

There are already a few dumb bugs that have popped up: for some reason taxi lines are totally missing. I’m not sure when that happened because they were around for most of the beta. I’m also looking at a crash that JAR Designs sent me that looks like it could be pretty destabilizing (e.g. I broke the rendering engine). So…consider yourself warned.

Finally, our plan is to do one more airport collection from the gateway toward the end of the beta before we call 10.50 final. In the past we’ve done one airport collection per release, but for a long patch (e.g. 10.30, 10.40, 10.50) by the time we go final, hundreds of gateway submission are ready to go. We’re planning to take another batch in a few weeks, which will let people get fixes in to airports where the problems were revealed in 10.50 (e.g. even with the fixed 10.50 ATC the airport doesn’t work right).

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