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Hi all, good news … X-Plane 11.00pb14 has arrived.

As of this writing, Friday evening 20:12 CET (+1:00 UTC), I started X-Plane 11 with public beta 13 installed, and was surprised about another update, Public Beta 14.

Can’t say right now much about it. It’s only 54MB of compressed data so I don’t have any idea if it’s a big update or not. Let’s hope it’s worth it and for me personally, let’s hope my Saitek X-52 Pro problems are gone.


Ok, what did I find about the update?
Key Features & Improvements

  • New clouds, with performance improvements for large monitors & HDR.
  • Tire model tuning–huge thrust no longer required to start rolling.
  • Dataref and plugin bugs fixed–plugins that don’t work need to file bugs ASAP!

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Correctly initialize arr/dep flags for default flow.
  • Fixed the generic-tape instrument having a HUGE preview.
  • XPD-6515 Quaternions auto-follow eulers when plugins run
  • XPD-7038 We now warn you when you’re about to leave the demo area.
  • XPD-7141 We now support identifying joysticks by their VID+PID combo instead of their “name” in the OS.
  • XPD-7167 Fixes reloading SASL airplanes in debug mode like A320.
  • XPD-7258 Auto-generate .joy files from analytics data.
  • XPD-7366 Improved behavior of Resume Flight button on first launch.
  • XPD-7290 Fix for wrong “receiving from” descriptions.
  • XPD-7392 Fix for Flares that hit the ground and live on forever.
  • XPD-7394 All device “views” are now available in the right scroll bar.
  • XPD-7398 We now reset aircraft-specific prefs when the underlying .acf file is modified.
  • XPD-7426 Fix for click locations being screwed up.
  • XPD-7456 Add “Clear Filters” button to Aircraft grid.
  • XPD-7499 Trains were black.
  • XPD-7550 Cars can drive on the left side of the road at airports.
  • XPD-7565 Fixed floating runways at LHBP.
  • XPD-7661 We now allow 1024×768 for full-screen windows.
  • XPD-7673 Fixes clicking stealing plugin focus.
  • XPD-7688 Fixed hidden cursor support for plugins.
  • XPD-7717 Added Studio to the AI aircraft screens, and added the aircraft’s file path as a hover action.
  • XPD-7725 Added tip re: lights and HDR.
  • XPD-7730 Fix for popup text going offscreen due to wins.win_x and wins.win_y getting reset during GUI tight loop.
  • XPD-7750 Fix for *all* freeflight prefs accidentally being overwritten in DEV mode on Windows.
  • XPD-7752 Created a window for ground handling.
  • XPD-7755 Removed auto-selection of approaches in the map.
  • XPD-7762 Kingair C90B knobs only tune GPS.
  • XPD-7765 Improve axis labels for PFC hardware.
  • XPD-7776 Re-added checkboxes to flatten airports and disable hypoxia/redout/blackout effects.
  • XPD-7780 Support Italian in XPLM lang detection.