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A couple of hours ago – as of this writing November 18th 2017 02:24 UTC – X-Plane has been updated to version 11.10b8 and I got the impression that this will be the last beta, unless I misinterpret the note before updating my X-Plane version.

I couldn’t find a log file, but I found as usual, on Ben Supnik blog, a lot of information and although it seems not much, again a lot of bug fixes are completed. According to Ben “X-Plane 11.10 is the first major update to X-Plane 11. This update includes new features such as joystick & keyboard profiles, the G1000, new art assets for airport artists, and landmarks. It also includes numerous bug fixes and rendering changes.”

Ok, what’s new in beta 8?

  • Fixed tinting of colored metal.
  • Correct alpha for high cirrus clouds when close up.
  • additional SDK API fixes.
  • XPD-8174/XPD-8270 Restores acf_trq_max_eng dataref.
  • XPD-8200 Fixed Orbiter/HDR variant of clouds in front of aircraft.
  • XPD-8410 Gun dataref error “sim/weapons/action_mode”
  • XPD-8477 Cursor fix on Mac High Sierra.
  • XPD-8544 Fixed stutter when control pad polls the disk for airplanes.
  • XPD-8545 Crash after entering fix and crossing point in the FMS.
  • XPD-8554 Fix stutter when ex-visual is missing a livery.
  • XPD-8556 Corrected lighting on panel-based G1000.
  • XPD-8557 Control of near clip plane.
  • XPD-8558 Adjust time step via dataref for non-real-time simulation.
  • XPD-8562 Fixed nose wheel steering too slow in 11.05 aircraft.
  • XPD-8568 Removed N2 free-turbine model from UI. If an airplane was saved with the new model in beta, it is converted to the old one on load so no one is relying on the new behavior.
  • XPD-8592 Kingair Prop stuck on feather on first drag after cold and dark start.

Want to read all information about the 11.10 beta’s, then check out this web page.