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Bella Bella …..

Curious as I am … some screenshots from Beti-X Bella Coola (CYBD), Canada, but this time the screenshots are made on my iMac with Sierra 10.12.2, X-Plane 11pb3 with SkyMAXX Pro 4.0.1.



  1. Dan Bounds

    Beautiful, who needs Orbx?

    • Angelique van Campen


      You’re 200% right, but we need to keep in mind that these Beti-X products are dealing with airfields only and perhaps the team is not as big as that of Orbx who produce a little more then only airfields. The scenery around it as well as the local town are great, but it is an stays an airfield and landing with an A320 or 737 won’t work. Perhaps Peters Aircraft with his VFW614 can land her since that’s also a STOL A/C. But overall a great add-on.

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