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I never thought I will make it, a comprehensive review/impression of xEnviro, the Ultimate Environment Engine.

This was really a complex review/impression because it’s not always something that can be compared or can be seen. I don’t matter that I highlighted some comparisons between xEnviro and SkyMAXX Pro. I won’t and don’t say “this and this program” is the best. Even with xEnviro things are still missing, but looking to their road map, many things will be implemented soon.

Overall a very interesting product that can beat SkyMAXX Pro however, some additional functions must be implemented first before it can do the same as its competitor. At the same time it must be said that what I’ve seen, I have a strong preference for xEnviro, keeping in mind my real cockpit flight experience (thus the different cloud layers I’ve seen in real) during the many flights I did as ground engineer on-board of the Martinair Airbus.

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