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Zibo mod Boeing 737-800

This Boeing 737 model needs attention too although the origin of the aircraft is the default X-Plane 11 737-800, but these people has modified the aircraft a lot which can be seen on these exclusive screenshots. Ok, what and who is the Zibo 737-800?

The centre is all about X-Plane.Org user “Zibo” and according to him “This is modified default B737-800 by me. You don’t need extra 3rd plugin, only X-Plane 11. This plane is free and it will be always free. This model aircraft shows what are the possibilities of this plugin and X-Plane 11. Special thanks to all team of Laminar Research (for default XLUA plugin too). Thanks to @AeroSimDevGroup, @Fay, @twkster and others for help with test and improved plane. And thanks to @audiobirdxp for amazing sound for this plane.”

Ok, so far the people behind it. How the default aircraft is modified can be seen on the following exclusive screenshots, and when you feel this is something for you, then you must look at this dedicated Zibo 737-800 mod web page. Enjoy!


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