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Zone Photo …. who isn’t aware of this French site that offers already for a while ZL16 (Zoom Level) photo-real tiles from Europe, but some time ago they added to US state Florida to it. Very handy when you own all the airports from Freddy DE Pues. Not sure of they will create more US states, but for the moment this is already a good shot.

Downloading is easier then before. In the past you needed a Java applet which could cause some issues, that’s at least the experience I had with Mac OS. A while ago Zone Photo started an experimental project. According to Zone Photo “Because of end of applets support by browsers, the applet must be replaced. It made possible to download with a very good reliability to the holders of low bandwidth or too unstable connection, but also to limit the nuisances due to the unscrupulous users. On an experimental basis, you have access to a direct HTTP download without limitation. If the operation of the server remains correct, it will be possible to extend it. Otherwise, downloads will be temporarily disabled until safety restrictions will be put in place, for a time currently unknown.”

Curious what Zone Photo has to offer? Check it out at their dedicated Charts page.